SNSD’s 1st win - Oct.11, 2007

You’ve come a long way, guys. I just want to thank you for always being so bright and happy, even in tough times. I’m thanking you because you’ve brought me so much hope and happiness. Continue to be the happy and loving girls we (SONE) have come to know and love. 지금은 소녀시대! 앞으로도 소녀시대! 영원히 소녀시대!

7 years ago.

Girls’ Generation leaves Jessica’s part unsung at Shenzhen fan meeting; fans make “J” pink ocean



Girls’ Generation kick-started their China fan meet tour on September 30th in Shenzhen, unfortunately without Jessica who has been confirmed to have left the group earlier today. While it may have seem like a happy event for both fans and the eight members of Girls’ Generation on the outside, it was actually bittersweet.

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Girls’ Generation in Las Vegas

we haven’t said goodbye. we’ve just parted ways.

Netizens point out Girls’ Generation wearing Jessica’s “BLANC” at Incheon Airport



In light of SM Entertainment's statement that Jessica would be leaving Girls’ Generation, netizens have been sharing photos of the girls at the airport, in Incheon of what appears to be them wearing Jessica’s glasses, "BLANC".

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Hyoyeon, The flustered choreographer


~Let’s walk together forever~!


taeyeon doesn’t want sooyoung to go


[Fanart] SNSD Don’t Let Go

So freaking pretty though.

Forever It's Girls' Generation