[Trans] The Best itw


LOL Jessica, Taeyeon, and Sunny said they’d be Tiffany if they had to be another member! XD

why they wanna be Tiffany:
Sunny: English
Tae: Fany spends everyday very happy
Sica: she’s cheerful and full of energy, the opposite of me

Tiffany & Seohyun said they’d be Hyoyeon. Hyo & Soo say Taeng or Yoona. Yoona said Tae, Soo or Hyo. Yuri said herself lol

trans by RedSunsetXIII

tiffany please

making of the best, funny//laugh ver. 

"I feel the importance of SNSD even stronger than before." - Tiffany

Cooking with Jungsis (2/2)




Filling in for Robert Pattinson’s beautiful self loathing is co-star and partner in vampirism, Kristen Stewart!

36/?? gif of Tiffany Hwang (that makes me wanna cry) 

Idol Army: Tiffany & Nichkhun